Peace, Good and Beauty

 The initial idea to develop a centre combining sacred and artistic premises originated more than three years ago. Plans, designs and materials featuring the more exact appearance of the building and its later visualisations hereby presented were developed about a year ago. Our goal is to acquire the remaining land to make the entire area available for developing a unique and significant building, which is to primarily serve as a tool to achieve Peace, Good and Beauty. The building is intended to enhance Christian fine arts, education and culture. With this goal in mind, we have established a civic association with the same name, which is a legal entity registered with the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic. The association is to be the legal owner of the entire building. 

Our intention is not to remove the good aspects that Slovakia can offer, but to add what is missing. 


The building features the statue of an angel, which is incorporated into the building as a symbol of Peace. Peace is important for creating values. Peace allows people to rest and work. Everyone seeks permanent, eternal Peace. Being in Peace is a prerequisite for Life. Although people tend to be active and dynamic, they still need to be in Peace. 


The Good is the result of God’s creation and is brought into all creation. The House of Fine Arts will seek to enhance the standard of living for all those who are open to the Good – the Almighty God, sanctification, purity and all the other values of the Good. A higher standard of living can be enhanced by raising the artistic, material, spiritual and financial level of people. 


Beauty often fades from people’s lives. Cultivated people who are led to Beauty are capable of creating precious, valuable and wonderful things. Beauty helps people to achieve a higher standard of living.  Beauty is the work of the Almighty God, just as the Peace and the Good. The man, as the God’s instrument, is meant to create and shape it. Beauty is the elevation of the Spirit and the result of talent – artistic creation of man. 

Objective: To acquire the remaining part of the land to make the entire area available for preparation and construction of the House of Fine Arts – Christian Centre for Fine Arts and Evangelisation. 

To this end, we would like to kindly ask for your financial assistance in the form of donations and contributions. 

All donors and benefactors whose kind donations help us to acquire the land, prepare and build the House of Fine Arts, will be entitled to enjoy all of its benefits. 

Name of the bank account:
Dom výtvarného umenia Obnova Slovenska
Slovenská sporiteľna/Slovak Savings Bank 

Account No.: 

IBAN: SK94 0900 0000 0051 7570 2680 

When allocating your donations, please state your name. 

Jozef Absolon 
Artist and Teacher

Chairman and Statutory Representative of the Civic Association
The House of Fine Arts